C’est la vie

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It’s a jungle out there. 
The preys, in the form of statements/opinions, etch their head only to be pounced upon by the predators lying in wait. 

The vultures and eagles circling above, hyenas and jackals lurking in the shadows, the felines always on the prowl; ready to strike at a moments notice. 

The Internet that has made the world such a small place, bringing the ends of the earth to our horizon has become such a jungle. In the jungle, you either eat or be eaten. 

Social media, a direct offspring of the Internet, has become a gruesome scene of the savagery and macabre display that the dark side of human nature presents. 

Freedom of speech and the right to express yourself and ideas now comes at a cost; the cost of being attacked simply because your utterances and ideas are either avant-garde or bohemian or just stir up feelings that audiences fail to appreciate or cannot comprehend. 

Certainly, cool minds must wonder why such unruly behaviour has become prevalent and almost a norm. Unfortunately, no clear answer can be offered save conjectures. 

The fact still remains, there is good in the world. However, the antagonistic display on social media only highlights the imperative need to address how people handle things and interact- there is a right way and a wrong way. 

Be civil!

Labour Force

Posted in Status quo with tags on March 10, 2015 by kuntaax

Graduation was fast approaching and always being the planner I searched and enquired about job opportunities.

There was no paucity of opportunities but the real task presented itself when I had to match the requirements of available jobs with my background and what I could actually offer as a candidate.

The fear slowly creeped in and I wondered if I had missed out on certain opportunities that would have augmented my repertoire and made me more suited to most of the vacancies I was seeing online.

I soldiered on but after graduation I began to wonder if I would be one of the proverbial Nigerian graduates who took up residency with their parents after striking out in the labour market.

Soon after graduation, refusing to be labeled as such, I did a Hail Mary and sent my CV (polished but not embellished) to an organisation stating I was a recent graduate interested in an internship. I received a call the next morning asking me to come in for an interview. Ultimately, I was offered an internship position with the opportunity to get retained based on my performance.

It’s been a month since I started the job and despite being immensely thankful, there is still this feeling of sympathy for those graduates that were and are not as lucky.

Smooth Sailing

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Change is the only thing that has proven irrefutably, to always be constant. As with things of the world, there is nothing that does not present some degree of uncertainty.

Many a time we have been victims of the unpredictability of different circumstances we face. Life, after all, is unpredictable by its very nature and could be argued that it was fashioned that way.

This, however, highlights a salient thought- whether or not it is more expedient to have a well mapped out chart of the course we wish our lives to follow and have full autonomy over it or is the mystery present in the current uncertainty of life the whole essence of our mortal journey here on earth?!

Mans’ innate capriciousness marries well with the default nature of life. It should also be noted that despite it being inevitable to witness some element of change, having a plan in life is quite imperative as most of ones goals stem from a well laid plan.

Steady as she goes.


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“Silence only sticks around till someone in the room decides to speak.”

Are we becoming less vocal?

Too many times we bite our tongue but to what end?

It may be as little as not telling your barber or hairstylist that you are not entirely pleased with the style done, to turning a blind eye to the bad things happening around you.

Shyness, fear, political correctness, indifference? Could these be plausible reasons why we have failed to speak up?

This issue could still be overlooked if the impact was limited only to the person who chose not to say a word but alas, the surge of evil has made it more imperative to speak out against anything that does not align with or promote a tolerable community. Edmund Burke famously penned: “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. I would posit that ‘do’ here not only referred to action but also to words. There are so many situations where words alone would suffice yet we have chosen to be spectators in life rather than active participants. Ultimately, this has translated to the alarming amount of violence and cruelty we now witness in the world.

A drastic change in mindset is paramount in today’s society.

Here where I stand

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I find myself at the edge of a cliff looking out to another cliff that presents a huge prospect in life.

I find myself wishing for a bridge across these two cliffs so I can cross into a place where I believe my wants and desires will be met.

Unfortunately, the absence of a bridge has left me dead in my tracks for I do not know how to proceed.

Not a patient man; I am anxious to cross over to the other side. I am desperate for my Nirvana.

I think back to my journey that has led me to this seeming impasse and wonder if I chose the right path.

Brooding at such a point is useless because it’s too late to walk another path and it’s too late to walk differently how I walked this path.

I know there is only one move to make. To proceed!

Surely, life would be a bed of roses if we were all seers and able to plan effectively. However, life throws us curve balls and we are expected to soldier on.

I remain at the cliff and find myself thinking of the Gordian Knot. The Alexandrian solution is next on my train of thought. I must think outside the box.

I find myself thinking, if I do not have a bridge to walk across, I will fly across.

I am not a man to lay down at the face of tribulation for the only way to go in life is up.

So, tell me about yourself.

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“So, tell me about yourself.”

I’ve always hated that statement. I don’t know if it’s because of the effrontery of the first word, the impertinent comma that feigns propriety, or both the audacious and rude implication of the whole sentence which instructs the person on the other end of the conversation to compress their often complex and nuanced self into a few simple words; suggesting that their individuality too (like everything else deserving of respect and reverence) can be cheapened. It is perhaps because the tone of voice that sentence is usually said in is replete with the need for oversimplification of one’s being that I am irked by the aforementioned statement.
I’ve thought deeply about this and here’s the most apt analogy I’ve come up with. 

“So, tell me about yourself” = Filter the sea with your bare hands. Mull on that.

Verbis Defectis, Musica Incipit

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Verbis Defectis, Musica Incipit.

Dear Lord, sometimes I find it hard to pray;
Gazing on Thee, or thinking on Thy deeds,
My heart cannot express its thought, and bleeds
From straining for the speech that’s fled away.

But when words fail, or so some wise men say,
Music begins; let that, then, be my speech.
Let music go where language cannot reach,
To offer Thee my love and pain each day.

Let every note plead for thy grace — each chord
And cadence cry for Thy sweet mercy, Lord;
Let every scale send praise to soar above;

Let every trill a Pater Noster be,
Each sweet arpeggio sing a Hail Marie,
Weaving together one great act of love.

Agnes Regina